What if the Service Provider does not turn up on time?

You may cancel the job if the Service Provider does not turn up within 30 minutes from the agreed time or contact FixMart Admin for assistance.

What can the Customer do if he/ she is not satisfied with the work done?

Go to ‘Check Out Order’ and select ‘Dispute’, FixMart will look into the matter. If the work is deemed to be indeed not completed satisfactory, the Customer will get a full refund.

What is the difference between ‘On Demand’ and ‘Off Demand’?

‘On Demand’ mode is meant for urgent and emergency needs when the Customer wants to get the job done immediately in the same day posting.
Off Demand’ mode is meant for non-urgent and non-emergency jobs. The Customer will post the job request and appointment which is later than the same day posting.

How do I post an Off Demand job?

Go to the home page, select ‘Off Demand’ and the service needed, enter the details and submit. You will receive quotations from Service Providers afterwards.

Is there any surcharge which I need to pay?

FixMart only collects a low commission charge from Service Providers and Suppliers.

What are the benefits becoming a Service Provider/ Supplier of FixMart?

Service Providers and Suppliers can increase their revenue by getting more jobs on FixMart.

What are the payment methods?

Customers can pay for the job requested using credit/ debit card, Service Providers and Suppliers will have to set up a Stripe account using a simple procedure. Please contact FixMart Admin should you require any assistance.