From App to Lifesaver: Air Conditioning Services – Saving You Time and Money!

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Air conditioning services in Singapore

In Singapore, the diverse climate necessitates a range of air conditioning services to keep homes comfortable. Here’s a list of common aircon services needed in Singapore flats:

Installation Services
New Aircon Installation: Setting up air conditioning units in newly constructed flats.Replacement Installation: Replacing old or faulty aircon units with new ones.
Maintenance and Cleaning
Regular Servicing: Routine checks, cleaning, and maintenance to ensure optimal performance.Chemical Cleaning: Thorough cleaning of aircon components using specialized chemicals to remove dirt and bacteria.
Filter Cleaning/Replacement: Cleaning or replacing air filters to maintain good air quality and system efficiency.Coil Cleaning: Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils to enhance cooling efficiency.
Repair Services
Troubleshooting and Diagnosis: Identifying and fixing issues affecting the air conditioning system.Refrigerant Top-Up: Adding refrigerant to the system if levels are low.
Compressor Replacement: Replacing a faulty compressor for effective cooling.Fan Motor Repair/Replacement: Fixing or replacing malfunctioning fan motors.
Thermostat Repair/Replacement: Addressing issues with temperature control mechanisms.

By addressing these aircon services, residents in Singapore flats can enjoy a comfortable living environment while optimizing the efficiency and lifespan of their air conditioning systems. Regular maintenance and timely repairs contribute to the longevity of the units and the overall well-being of the living space.

Ready to Join the FixMart Family?

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